Auckland rubbish and car tyre removal

Dumped car tyers are back in the news again after a west Auckland man was found to have dumped over a million tyres on his Huntley property and has now fled to Australia to avoid paying his court fines.
Old Tyres seem to be a issue with most people but it does not have to be this way.
1 Henderson transfer station charge $3.20 per car tire to dispose.
2 if you can separate the metal hub from the tyre you can take it to a scrap metal dealer and get some cash for them.
3 J&J laughton recycle old car tyres at a reasonable cost they can be contact on  09 818 2156 small or bulk quantities. see contact details below
Physical Address
15 Bancroft Crescent
4 If you can cut the tyres in to 2 parts which may take some time using a sharp blade or saw the transfer stations and rubbish tips will put the tyres through as general rubbish and wont charge any access fees.
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