Garden waste can be a hassle to get rid of and extremely time consuming if you remove it yourself. There are many options you can choose from when removing garden waste from your residential and commercial property, but which one is the least time consuming and cheapest?

One of the most popular ways to get rid of a large amount of garden waste is hiring a woodchipper, however, is this easier and cheaper than booking an 0800 dump me service.

In this blog we will discuss whether to remove your garden waste by hiring a woodchipper vs booking an 0800dumpme rubbish removal service.


Wood Chippers – There are several steps to hiring a wood chipper, you must go online and book the chipper, then drive your car, with a tow bar, to collect the woodchipper and tow it back to your house. Then you must load all the green waste into the chipper yourself, then when your lease time runs out, tow the chipper back to the station. Some of the chippers can be hire out for 2-4 hours to a day.

0800 Dump Me – Call our team, get an estimate quote, then book your rubbish removal, it’s that simple. Our team will come either the next day or early that week and lift and load your garden waste into the truck for you and dispose of it for you. If you are unable to be there on pick up, no problem, you can pay over the phone straight after pick up is completed.


Wood Chippers – Depending on what size wood chipper you need, the price ranges from $149.50 to $435 for a day’s hire. However, there are many hidden extra costs when it comes to hiring a woodchipper; these include delivery fees, damage waiver cost and gas for the woodchipper.

0800 Dump Me – Our price depends on how many cubic metres of rubbish and garden waste you need removed; therefore, you will only be paying for what we remove and no hidden fees or onsite quote charges.

Do it yourself vs 0800dumpme does it for you

Wood Chippers – When hiring these machines, they normally do not come with operators, therefore, you will have to pick up the machine yourself and lift and load all the green waste into the chipper yourself. On top of this, you will be left with all the mulch to either spread around your garden or dispose of yourself.

0800 Dump Me – Our professional team come onsite and lifts and loads all your garden waste into our 13 cubic meter truck, taking it away to dispose of it for you. You don’t have to lift anything, our team does it all for you.

Tow Bar

Wood Chippers – To hire a wood chipper, you must have a car with a tow bar on the back of it, so you can tow the chipper back to your property. If you do not have a tow bar, some companies deliver the chipper for an additional cost, but you must pay for delivery and return.

0800 Dump Me – No need to have a tow bar or car, our trucks come to you and remove your garden waste by loading it onto our trucks and taking it away.

Vines in your garden waste

Wood Chippers – Many wood chippers cannot handle vines being put through them. The vines get caught in the chipper and destroy the mechanism causing it to break. Therefore, if you have vines or string like garden waste that you need removed, a woodchipper is not the best option for you.

0800 Dump Me – There is no limit to how much garden waste we can remove, also we can remove flax, bamboo, vines, standard branches and trimming and logs.


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