When you see your rubbish bins every day, you get use to the untidy look of your rubbish and recycling bin sitting on your property. Although, if you go on holiday and come back, you will see that leaving your two bins out in the open on your property makes the property look untidy and doesn’t give off a welcoming vibe to guests.

Although, there is a way to hide your bin, while also making your property look modern, tidy and gives you extra needed outside storage.

How can I hide my bin you ask, well it all comes down to rubbish bin storage units.

These rubbish bin storage units have grown in popularity over the last few years because of their modern look, different designs aspects and the different ways you can store extra things.

Many people are known to have built their own bin storage unit, however, there are different garden and home improvement stores that you can buy them too.

Today, we put together our top 4 favourite trash storage units, judging on design, practicality, storage space and look.


  1. For a trendy, cute look, our first choice is this white, three-bin storage unit.

This is great for all those big families that need room for three bins, rubbish, recycling and compost. Likewise, it blends in while with the suburban style and its simple design saves space.

Its top lid opens for easy access to the bins and the front doors swing open so that all bins can be removed and put on the curb at any time.

  1. This next bin storage unit has a more rustic look and its design is great for those homes that have a fireplace or store lots of tools outside. The door swings open to allow simple and wide access to your bin, but keeps it hidden away nicely. The shelf on the side lets you hang tools and store items. This design is very practical and would suit any home that wants more of a bohemian, classic look.


  1. If you are plant lover, this unique looking bin storage unit is for you! With plants on the top and storage for your bins below, your visitors will never guess you have your bins hidden away inside. The two front doors let you slide your bins in with ease, however, it is a shame the top doesn’t open. If you are looking for style and just a modest design, this is the one for you!

  1. With a wide, opening lid and two bottom doors, this storage bin is great for a more classic look. Storing two bins, and having a very practical design, it is great for any family. Depending on how big your bins are, you may be able to store a few thin items inside the storage container.

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