4 ways to protect yourself from getting sick

With coronavirus prevalent and a chance of getting the flu still possible, it is time to take extra precautions when it comes to our daily cleaning and yearly clean outs. There are many places and things that can get us sick if we aren’t careful, but don’t panic, if everyone takes the necessary steps, the chances of the flu or coronavirus spreading decreases significantly. So here are four important steps you need to take to keep your house, business or area clean.

Sanitize Surfaces

One of the most important steps to decreasing the spread of germs is to sanitize items that are used often by multiple people. These items can include door handles, computer keyboards and mouse, shopping carts, light switches and tape handles. Many of these items go months without getting cleaned and the germs build up over time and spread from surface to surface by each person that touches them.

To kill 99% of germs, make sure you use anti-bacterial wipes or spray to clean surfaces. Do this at least once a week or whenever the surface is dirty.

Wash Your Hands

Each person must take individual responsibility by washing their hands, so that germs don’t spread and other people don’t get sick. Each person should wash their hands or sanitize their hands after touching public surfaces, using the bathroom or when you touch your face and blow your nose.  If you feel like your hands are dirty, take time out of your busy schedule to wash your hands for 20 seconds at the least!

Do a Declutter

Most people don’t think about this step, as they may not realize that having a lot of stuff around the house is a problem. However, the more objects you have piling up, the more dust and dirt sits around the house and on the objects.

On top of this, you are more prone to wipe down surfaces and vacuum rooms if there aren’t many items to move out the way. Also, the fewer items you have in your house the easier it is to see when the place gets dusty and dirty.

To solve this problem, declutter your home by donating items that you don’t want anymore, that are in good condition to the Salvation Army, Red cross or SPCA charity second hand store. Before you donate items, wipe them down with an antibacterial wipe so you don’t spread germs and wash clothes before donating them.

To prevent dust living on items around the house and getting you sick, wipe down surfaces with a damp microfiber cloth or disinfectant wipes. Also, vacuum at least once a week to collect any dirt that was tracked inside by your shoes and to get pet fur off the carpet.

Remove Old Waste and Junk

Got old rubbish, junk and broken items sitting around the house or outside? Old microwaves, fridge and broken dishwashers? Removing these items are essential to keeping your environment clean and germ free. Leaving rubbish piled up for a long time attracts rats, ants and cockroaches, especially if its old food waste. As a result, these pets will spread diseases. The best thing to do to prevent pests is to get your rubbish, junk and broken items removed.

That’s where we come in and help! If you have any rubbish you need removed or old broken junk, call us now or fill in our quote me page! We can come and lift and remove all your junk, rubbish and hazardous waste from your house or business, resulting in a safer, cleaner environment for your family and staff members.

Don’t let germs scare you! Just take the necessary steps to prevent the spread of germs. Wipe surface, declutter, remove rubbish, clean once a week, and stay at home if you are sick.

If you want to know more about the coronavirus and how to stay safe during this time, go to health.govt.nz for all the information and updates.

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