Rats living in rubbish

Rats are one of those pests that can spread diseases, making your family sick and damage property by chewing through power cords if they are not taken care of. If you are walking around your property and see little black droppings around the size of a paperclip, there are probably rats living around your home. Now you are wondering where could they be hiding? Well, here are the five places that rats love to hang out in:

Rubbish bags

If you are prone to leaving full rubbish bags outside, awaiting collection, this is one place rats love to hang out in. You may even think one or two days out is fine, however, the rubbish bags can still attract rats at any stage. This is because rats eat also anything, from rubbish to faeces. Therefore, if they have the chance to eat your rubbish they will. If you think they are living in your rubbish, you need to remove the rubbish as soon as possible and then lay traps out to catch the rats.

Loose Rubbish around your house

Likewise, loose rubbish around your home can create an inviting atmosphere for rats. They like to make their nests in and around rubbish so they can easily breed and forage for food. Where there is one rat, there are many, this is because rats like to live in groups called packs and breed like crazy. One species of rats can have up to 22 babies at one time, other species can have up to 6.

Overgrown Bushes

Rats love areas that they can made their nests in. Overgrown bushes are a perfect place for rats to do this. Therefore, if you have any overgrown bushes that need to be cut, you need to trim them and get the garden waste removed as fast as possible, so more rats don’t make their home there. If you need a good gardening service to cut your overgrown bushes click here. If you just need your garden waste removed you can call us now on 0800 386 763.

Compost Area

There are so many positives to having a compost pile or bin. However, if you aren’t careful about the setup of your compost pile or bin, it will attract rats. Rats love living around compost piles because it’s a constant supply of food and they can eat 30 g of food each day. To prevent rats getting into your compost, make sure you get a compost container that is enclosed and only has small holes for air to get to your compost. Make sure the bin is always sealed so the rats don’t get a change to enter the bin.


Under your house

Rats love dark spaces since they are naturally nocturnal creatures. So, the perfect place for them to hang out in is under your house where all that random rubbish sits. If you know you have rubbish under your house, you need to get it removed as the rubbish encourages rats and other pests to make their home there. They can also dig burrows under your home, causing problems to your home structure.

If you have any rubbish that needs to be collected whether it’s rubbish bags, loose rubbish or trash under the house, email us now for a free quote. Getting rid of the trash is the first step to removing pests.

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