Abandon Property – Rubbish Removal

If you have a large residential/ commercial property or a farm in Auckland that needs a tidy up, we can help!

After many years of working in the waste removal industry, we have been contacted by many clients that have needed us to clear their large rental section or commercial property due to renovating or due to previous tenants leaving their waste behind.

Having your large section covered by piles of rubbish can be over whelming but leaving the rubbish there isn’t an option. Rats and mice may start to live in the rubbish, creating a bigger problem.

Likewise, the rubbish creates nasty smells, can leak hazardous waste onto the property, kill the grass it is on or leave stains on your floors.

Therefore, removing the rubbish is the safest way to keep your property in good condition, clear of rats, bad smells and safety hazards.

Letting our team come and remove your large pile of rubbish from your property saves you time as our team lifts and loads all the waste onto our trucks and takes it away, disposing it in a safe, correct manner.

Similarly, if you have massive piles of rubbish or scattered rubbish outside, our digger can come in and move your rubbish into our truck, speeding up the removal process.

Recently, our team went to a large abandoned property that had a garden piled with rubbish.

With our digger, our team was able to remove over 44 cubic meters (5 and a ½ truckloads) of rubbish in under 2 days.

Rubbish such as mattresses, old clothes, household junk, general bagged rubbish and more were removed from the property.

If you need your warehouse, farm or large section cleared of rubbish, we can come and make easy work of it.

Whether you need broken wood, household junk, old furniture, pallets, old rotting food, whiteware, compost bins and large items removed, we can do it for you.

Call us today on 0800 386 763 or email us on our contact page for an estimate quote.

We do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have too.

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