Asbestos Problem?

Homes built in the 80’s have a high chance of having Asbestos in its walls, ceiling or floors. If your home was built around this time and you are doing a home renovation of any kind, there is a high chance you will run into Asbestos and need it removed.

Asbestos removal and disposal are extremely difficult because it causes a big health risk to those removing it and becomes a threat if the substance is not disposed of correctly and the fibres become airborne and are breathed in. The longer you are around the substance the more of a chance you have of getting an asbestos-related disease.

Asbestos-related diseases include scarring of lung issue, cancer of the lung, larynx and ovary and thickening of membranes around the lungs.

Is there a problem?

People that are not educated about asbestos would not know how to properly dispose of the substance and may just throw it away in their normal rubbish bin. This is a problem because asbestos needs to be packaged correctly and needs to go to specific landfills that have special permits that know how to discard of the substance appropriately.

Since everyone has to pay for asbestos disposal in New Zealand, some people that don\’t want to pay, are known to have hidden asbestos in other rubbish and have taken it to any dump. If not spotted by staff, it goes into the landfill, which means the wind could pick up the particles and spread them anywhere and could affect anyone.

How to package Asbestos instruct that all asbestos material, asbestos clothes, masks and plastic sheets should be placed in double-bagging in heavy duty plastic bags. Then twist the top of the bag tightly, fold the necks over and seal with adhesive tape so that it is fully enclosed. Clearly mark the bag as asbestos waste.

When filling the bag, only full up to half way and extra air needs to be squeezed out. Huge items with asbestos should not be broken down, as this is more dangerous. Instead, wrap in heavy-duty polythene sheeting. Once this is completed, make sure you label the items clearly.

How asbestos is removed

Looking for an asbestos disposal site in New Zealand? Asbestos sites are different for each area, if you would like to find your local asbestos disposal site, look on your council website or call them.

Asbestos removal in Auckland

If you are a commercial customer, you can dispose your asbestos at the Redvale landfill and Energy park in North Shore.

If you are a residential customer you can click here for waste management disposal services or click here for Envirowaste.

Here are a list of companies  in Auckland that can help you remove and discard of your asbestos:

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