Auckland Council introduces new council bin contractors

Have you been wondering why your council bin collection is coming at a new time or a new truck has collected your council bin rubbish?

Since 2020, the Auckland Council has been taking action to standardize rubbish bin collection services across Auckland.

In the past, certain areas in Auckland have not been able to have a recycling or inorganic rubbish pick up, however now the Auckland Council is taking steps to change that.

A new ten-year contract was signed in 2020, signing in new contractors to collect Auckland’s residential inorganic rubbish.

This means you may see different trucks collecting your council bin rubbish at a different time during your collection day.

However, your council bins still need to be out on the curb by 7 am on your council collection day.

The result of the Auckland Council introducing new rubbish collection contractors means that different areas of Auckland get different kerbside collectors, resulting in more organized routes and more solutions to customers if there is an issue.

From July 2020, North and West Auckland has had new contractor trucks picking up their rubbish. Then from late November 2020, Central, East and South Auckland residential rubbish collection suppliers changed.

The contractors who collect in each area are:

  • North Shore and West Auckland: Northern Environmental, a joint venture between Smart Environmental and Northland Waste
  • Auckland Central: Green Gorilla
  • Auckland East and South: Waste Management
  • AIMS will continue to collect rubbish and recycling in the inner city centre

Seeing this improvement is a great start for a zero-waste city and an overall better system.

Auckland Council will introduce food scrap collections in 2023 and all food scrap waste will be collected and picked up by electric trucks.

For more information about food scrap bins or your council bin collection call the Auckland Council on 093010101 or go to here. 

Source: Auckland Council

Photo Source: Palmy
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