Auckland Inorganic Rubbish Collection

Do you have one cubic meter or less of rubbish that you need to get rid of but it’s not enough to get a rubbish removal truck in? Every year you can book one inorganic rubbish collect with the Auckland council, as it is payed for in your city rates already. We have all the information about the collection and what to do with your unaccepted rubbish.

What is a cubic meter?

The council will collect ONLY one cubic meter of inorganic rubbish a year per household. If you are wondering what a cubic meter looks like, it’s around one SMALL trailer load of items or the size of one washing machine.

What can they collect?

When collecting your rubbish and items from around the house to add to your pile, remember that hazardous items are not accepted and will not be picked up. Likewise, items like general household rubbish, recyclable packaging-containers, cardboard, paper, polystyrene (including bean bag beans), garden waste, car parts, construction or trade waste (title, plaster, gib board, concrete, ceramic or porcelain, toilet bowls, toilet seats), any glass, clothing, liquids, asbestos, gas cylinders, weapons and wheelie bins of any kind will not be accepted.

Items they do accept are:

  • large appliances – empty fridges, freezers, washing machines and ovens
  • small appliances – kettles, irons and vacuum cleaners
  • furniture – beds, couches, chairs, kitchen items and ornaments
  • sporting items – gym equipment, bicycles and toys
  • outdoor equipment – unassembled trampolines and basketball hoops
  • outdoor items – barbecues, garden tools and outdoor furniture
  • renovation items – carpet, timber (without any exposed nails), tools, fixtures and fittings, baths and sinks (metal and plastic only)
  • lawnmowers – with petrol and oil removed
  • electronics – TVs, computers, phones and DVD players

What to do with items that are not accepted:

If you have other inorganic waste that the council won’t collect or you have missed your collect, we can help you out! Whether it’s paint, builders waste, cardboard, garden waste, general household rubbish or items heavier than 55kg we can pick it up and dispose of it for you. To get a quote, email us here!

Things to know before you book your council collection:

You need to book your collect at least 8 days before your weeks scheduled collection.

Each area of Auckland is assigned a particular week per year and if you miss it, we suggest getting a quote from us and booking a pick up.

To find out out what week your area is assigned an inorganic collection, go to “Book your inorganic Collection\”on the Auckland Council website.

What to do before the council comes to collect

Items must be put outside on your property entrance but not on the kerb, walkway or berm and be ready for pick up by 7am on your collection day. Items must be clearly identified and will not be picked up from behind gates, carports, garages, sheds or from properties with unrestrained dogs. Rubbish heavier than 55kg will not be picked up as the collectors have to lift them.

People that live in an apartment, townhouse, gated community or retirement village can still make a booking. However, they need to talk to their body corporate or building manager about where to put your inorganics for collection.

If you have already used your one collection for this year and still have unwanted rubbish around, email us for a quote and book in a pick up date.

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