Auckland Waste Services Back to Original Schedule

Now that lock down is completely over and things are getting back to normal, the Auckland waste services and collection routines are going back to their original pick up schedules and services.

Therefore, your council general and recycling bin schedules are back to their original times and all collection services are running smoothly again.

“Pay as you throw” tags can still be bought from grocery stores and collection services are running normally.

The compost bin collection services are still running in selected areas only.

The Auckland Council dump is now back open to the public again. However, there are some restrictions on what you can dump and may be some delays. For more information click here.

The inorganic service collections should resume from July 1st. Nevertheless, you still need to book in for your once a year inorganic collection through the Auckland Council, if you would like them to come collect one cubic metre of rubbish from your home. For more information go to the Auckland Council Website.

Recycling Service

Auckland Council recycling service still continues as normal. Although, during lockdown, the recycling collections headed straight to landfill with all the other rubbish due to covid-19 restrictions; instead of going to the recycling centres to be recycled.

Now that lockdown is over, the Auckland recycling collections are picking up speed again and sending as much recycling as they can to recycling centres ever since May.

However, since Covid-19, the recycling world has changed, and some recycling materials can’t be sent to overseas buyers to be recycled. Therefore, plastics that are numbered 3-7 are still being sent to the dump as the council are still awaiting a solution to recycle these.

This means 4% of recycling plastics are going to landfill.

However, this does not affect your Council recycling bin collection, as services run as normal.

Council encourages less waste

The Auckland Council is encouraging Aucklander’s to create less waste by encouraging everyone to eat food that is normally throw away but safe to eat, such as bread crust and broccoli stalks.

On top of this, they are encouraging composting food scraps instead of throwing them in the general bin.

How can you do your part?

To reduce waste, you can go to your local refill store which sells package-less food and drinks and zero-waste, recyclable, biodegradable gifts, bathroom and beauty items. This will reduce the plastic packaging and other waste that comes along with your shopping items from normal stores.

To find out more about this go to:

0800 Dump Me services are back to normal and we are here if you need rubbish removal. We are a privately owned rubbish removal company that services the Auckland region. We can pick up old furniture, general household rubbish, whiteware, tyres, paint, you name it we can lift and remove it for you. To get an estimate quote click our Quoteme page.

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