BBQ Removal and Disposal

Disposing of your BBQ?

Got a barque that needs to be removed?

Not sure how to dispose of it?

We can come lift, remove and dispose of it for you! Whatever the size, we can remove it from your home or rental house.

Whether you want it removed because it’s old, rusty or just because you are getting a new one, we can do it for you! We have removed many BBQ’s over the years, leaving the client happy and carefree.

Our team of professionals will remove your BBQ from your yard, garage or anywhere on your property while you sit back and relax.

If you have other rubbish you want to remove, let us know you have added it to the collection and we will give you an estimate quote on how much it will  be to remove either just a BBQ or a BBQ and other junk and rubbish.

Once you have booked in, our team will come on the chosen date and will remove your item(s) and payment will be processed over phone or by eftpos onsite.

Contact us today on or call 0800 DUMP ME for a free quote.

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