Carpet Disposal

Carpet Disposal

There are many reasons that homeowners replace their carpet. For our family, it was because the carpet got old from wear and tear. However, for others it might be because there was a leak or flood and the carpet got wet and destroyed from the water. Whatever the reason, you decided to replace your carpet and now that you have lifted your carpet and its sitting in a pile outside, you need carpet disposal. Our professionals will come in and dispose of your piles of uplifted carpet and underlay.

Whether its wet carpet, old carpet or super heavy carpet, we can dispose of it for you. Our team will come and take away your old carpet, leaving your place tidy and rubbish free.

Our team also disposes of carpet underlay, whether it’s wet or dry.

Sadly, we can’t accept carpet or underlay that is infected with bugs. If your carpet is in this condition, we suggest getting an exterminator in first and then we can come dispose of your carpet.

If you would like us to dispose of your carpet and underlay, call 0800 386 763 or email us at for a quote.

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