Technology in Waste Management

Technology in Waste Management

Large Item Removal

Can you remove my big outdoor furniture (Example: Swing set or jungle gym) Our team can remove your massive item and old outdoor furniture with ease. Our truck will arrive, dismantle and remove the waste all in one go. Do I need to dismantle it before you remove it? Dismantling the item before we come […]

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Thailand’s Plastic Bag Ban

Another country bans single-use plastic bags On July 1st 2019, New Zealand took a step towards a zero-waste city by banning stores from selling or giving away single-use plastic bags. Now, another country is doing a similar thing this new year. Thailand has banned many major stores from selling single-use plastic bags from the 1st

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How to safely throw away glass, nappies and needles.

Everyday we throw away general items such as food and packaging and don’t really have to worry about how we throw it away. Although, there are some items that cause safety hazards if not thrown away in a specific way and correctly. Items like glass, nappies and needles are some of those items. How to

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