Construction Waste

Construction Waste

Spa Electrician

 Spa Pool and Hot Tub Removal: Electrical Disconnection Included

Removing a spa pool or hot tub involves more than just physical dismantling; it requires careful handling of electrical disconnection to ensure safety and efficiency. Here at 0800DumpMe we provide a seamless one-stop service where our skilled electricians take care of all the electrical work before we remove your spa. Why Our One-Stop Service Stands […]

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Our top five most removed items.

Over the years we have removed unique and odd items but for the most part we have 5 items that we remove the most for our clients.  Here is our top five most removed items. Mattresses You guessed it! Mattresses are number one on our list as they are the most common item we remove.

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Summer Waste Removal

Summer is just around the corner which means its time to clear out that outdoor area of old junk to prepare for having guest over. Whether you want to throw a labour day weekend get together, have friends and family over for Christmas dinner or just want the space to be ready for your next

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How to book a spa removal

Removing a spa can be a stressful task and most people don’t know where to start when it comes to removing the spa and where to responsibly dispose of it. Our team has removed spas for over 15 years from homes, commercial properties and leased homes. We aim to make spa removal easy and accessible

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5 Small Changes – How to cut out some plastic in your life

As you walk through the store or look around your house, you will realize most items are made up of some sort of plastic packaging or shell. From juice bottles, makeup containers, soap containers and more, whether we like it or not, plastic is always around us. Unfortunately, cutting out plastic completely may be near

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Tile Disposal

If you are renovating your home or rental and you have decided to work on the bathroom, patio or kitchen, you may have a pile of old tiles you need to get rid of. Tiles can be messy to dispose of as they normally come off the wall or floor broken, in pieces, and leave

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Sofa Removal

Its one of the most common items that people need removed but at the same time one of the hardest items to remove if you don’t have the right transport vehicle. Our couch removal service is the best way to get your old couch or recliner removed from your property. Our team lifts and loads

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Piano Removal

Pianos can be difficult to remove from any property as they are heavy, hard to move in tight spaces and need more than 2 people to lift them. Likewise, most pianos do not fit into a standard size car or trailer, which results in people feeling stuck when they need to remove a piano and

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Spa Lid Removal

If you removed your spa years ago but have found that old spa lid sitting in your yard or garage and need it gone, we can remove it for you! Spa lids are not the easiest things to transport as they are large, heavy and dirty and most do not fit into a normal van

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