Christmas Rubbish Removal

The holiday season is approaching, which means getting your home clear of all the Covid lock down rubbish and all the other packaging that Christmas trees and decorations bring in, can be a hassle. However, no need to worry, our rubbish removal service makes getting rid of your junk easy.

Rubbish Removal Before Christmas

Whether you are clearing out your old junk or trying to make space for new items, getting your rubbish removed before Christmas can make it easier for you this summer.

We can remove old furniture, building waste, packing, household rubbish, old trampolines and more!

Place all your rubbish in a pile outside and give us a call or send us an email. We will give you an estimate quote and if you are happy with the estimate quote, we will book you in for a removal.

Leaving your space ready for Christmas!

If you don’t have any rubbish ready to be removed just yet, get your rubbish removed after Christmas!

Rubbish Removal After Christmas

After the enjoyment of unwrapping presents and eating a lovely family lunch, the rubbish starts to overflow with toy packaging, wrapping paper, food scraps and more!

If you have rubbish you need removed after Christmas, we can come remove it for you!

Whether its bags and boxes of general waste or old furniture or household items, our team can lift and load all your waste into our truck and take it away for you.

We can even remove your old Christmas tree, leaving you more time to enjoy your Christmas holiday and boxing day.

Call us today for an estimate quote or send in a photo of your rubbish to

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