Christmas Tree Removal and Disposal

The Christmas holiday is coming to an end and businesses are back open and ready for the new year.

If you are like most people in Auckland, you will be heading back to work and may not have time to remove and dispose of your used Christmas tree.

No need to worry, we have you covered, our guys can come, lift and load your dead christmas tree into our truck and take it away for you!

Get a quote:

Call us on 0800 386 763 or email us a photo of your Christmas tree and we will get back to you with an estimate quote. Please let us know the height of your tree so we can quote you more accurately.

Book a pick up:

Once you have accepted the estimate quote, let our team know you would like to book in. From there, they will book you in on the next available day.

Prepare for your pick up:

If you won’t be home during pick up, leave the tree outside near your front door where our team can easily access it. If you will be home, you won’t need to complete this step.

All trees need the tinsel, lights, ornaments, stands and decorations removed from the tree BEFORE pick up. If you would like the decoration removed as well, place them in a box next to the tree and let our staff know.

If you have any other rubbish or items that need to be removed, let our team know, as this is possible.

What happens to the old trees?

Once we have removed your tree, the trees will be mulched and used in gardens across Auckland.

Leaving your old Christmas tree in your house can cause dust build up and take up space. Contact us now for tree removal.

Can other rubbish be removed at the same time?

Yes, if you have other rubbish that needs to be removed at the same time, let our team know and they will quote you according to how much rubbish you need removed.

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