Deck Timber Removal and Disposal

Deck Timber Removal and Disposal

If you have just demolished your old deck and have timber waste scattered around the yard or in one big pile ready to be disposed off but can’t find an easy way to remove it, we can lift and dispose of it for you.

How we can help

Our professional team can lift your old timber into the truck and take it away and dispose of it for you, without you having to lift anything. We are the best solution for your timber removal, as we do everything for you and leave your area clean and spotless. On top of this, we not only remove timber waste, but we can also remove your garden waste, renovation waste, general rubbish and household junk, either with your timber waste or you can book a separate pick up.

Why not a skip bin?

Organizing the drop off and pick up of a skip bin can be a hassle. On top of this, the job gets even more time consuming and difficult for you, as you have to load the timber into the skip bin yourself. Most people do not have the time to load the waste themselves or they take a while to get around to it, meaning the timber sits in one spot for a long time, rotting in the rain and wasting space.

Likewise, if you get a skip bin, it will sit there and look displeasing for a long time. Why go through all that when you can get us to remove it in one day with our fast rubbish removal service and our guys will do all the lifting and removing for you.

Our rubbish removal team is the easier option.

Call one of our friendly customer service team members on 0800 386 763 now for a free quote of the removal of your timber waste and rubbish removal.

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