Desk Removal – Office Junk Removal

Removing old, broken office furniture can be difficult if you don’t have a truck or van to transport and remove big bulky items or you don’t have time to remove it yourself.

Our experience team has been removing junk for over 12 years, whether you need office removal from your home office or work office, we can help.

We can pick up broken office items or even items in good condition that you would like dropped off at a charity store.

Our pick-up list is long, however here are some of our most popular items that most people need removed:



Filing cabinets

Office chairs

Old computers


Office drawers


Packing and Boxes

Old TVs

For items in good condition, wefirst suggest donating them to your local charity store such as the Red Cross or SPCA store. Although, if you don’t have transport, we can come and pick up your furniture and take it to your local charity store for you, although we do have a pick-up fee.

If you need office junk AND other rubbish removed, we can remove both at the same time.

Contact us for office junk removal and disposal on 0800 386 763 or email us on

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