Donating to a local church

Helping the community with your donations

Recently, 0800 Dump Me got the chance to donate a pre-loved sofa to the Morningside Church of Christ Youth Room.

On Thursday, a customer rang up asking us to remove a couch and two cubes of junk. When our team got onsite and saw that the couch was in good condition, they contacted the church, knowing that they needed a new pre-loved couch. On Friday, the couch was dropped off at the church by 0800 Dump Me.

On Sunday morning, the Morningside Church of Christ Youth were buzzing with excitement as a pre-loved, grey couch was carried into the youth room and placed in the spare space. The grey couch replaced an old ripped, worn and uncomfortable brown couch.

The donated couch meant that each student had a comfortable place to sit during Sunday morning lessons which was greatly appreciated.

Without our caring customers, we would not have had the opportunity to donate such a lovely couch to the church.

Our Charity Service

Our charity service allows us to give back to the community with your help. Many people have items that are in good condition that they would like to donate to their local charity store or church but they don’t have the resources to transport it there. That’s where we can help!

We love to see good quality second hand items go to a new home instead of the tip, therefore, if you can’t transport your big items to a charity store, church or organization and need us to come in, lift, load and drop off your big items, we are here and ready to help. (Pick up fees apply).

If you don’t have a specific charity, church or organization in mind, we can pick a loving home for your used goods, either it’s your local salvation army, SPCA charity store, local church or a charity organization.

We love to make a difference, and with your help we can grow and support our community.

Contact us now on our contact page or chat to us directly on our website chat to inquire about our charity service.

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