Donating To Charity

Donating to the Salvation Army

Last week our team got an email from a company that was clearing out one of their offices and wanted us to remove a large number of office furniture and donate it to charity. When we got to the office, our drivers saw that the furniture was in good condition, and of course, we love to recycle and donate where we can and this was the perfect opportunity for us to give back.

There are many charity stores that we love to support! This is so they can continue doing great work in our community. These charity stores sell the donated items for a fair price and then use the money for ambulance services and medical care, housing families, saving animals, helping people with terminal and life-limiting illnesses, supporting education programmes and fighting poverty.

For this donation, we partnered with the Salvation Army that fights poverty, supports community programmes such as food banks, community Kai, Reaching out and other ministries.

Our drivers spend around 2 hours lifting, removing and packing the two trucks with the office furniture and drove from Auckland City to the Henderson Salvation Army to drop off the office furniture.

Our two trucks  pulled up to the Salvation Army Store, mid- afternoon and with the help of their staff, the office furniture was unloaded and taken into the shop.

The other items that were left were left where taken to a church and recycled responsibly.

It is good to know that all this furniture is going to be reused and going to a good home, well also helping other families receive food and care through the Salvation Army.

0800 Dump Me, with the help of Hilo, ended up donating 5 office draws, 3 filing cabinets, 3 office chairs, a round table, 2 cupboards to the Salvation Army, as a result, helping our community.

We hope that by recycling and donating items from removal jobs, that we can help our community, help our environment and encourage people to do the same.

If you are a company, home owner or rental tenant moving out and need furniture removed that can be donated to charity and don’t have access to a vehicle to drop off the items, we can help you out. We pick up reusable items and donate them to charity stores.

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