DUMP the ugly skip bin, use 0800 DUMP ME instead!

Ugly skip bin blocking your beautiful scenery?

Many people thing the best way to remove and dispose of rubbish is to hire a skip bin. Well, there is an alternative, better solution out there! It’s called 0800 Dump Me.

Why use 0800 dump me instead of a skip bin, you ask?


We lift and remove your rubbish for you.

No need to lift a finger, we come and place all your rubbish onto the truck and take it away for you.

If you hire a skip bin, YOU have to lift and place ALL your rubbish into the skip bin yourself, which results in using your time and energy. So, save yourself time by getting 0800 DUMPME in to do all the work for you!


Your rubbish is removed in a day!

If you hire a skip bin, they sit on your property for days, even months before they are filled and collected!

However, we remove your rubbish in less than a day, we can sometimes get it done in less than 60 minutes, depending on the size of your rubbish pile.


No ugly skip bins!

Tired of seeing that ugly skip bin on your property, blocking your beautiful scenery. Skip bins sit on your property for months, blocking your scenery, ruining your grass, leaving a big batch of dead grass and dirt on your property after pick up. On top of this, if you have guests over, they will see the ugly skip bin or the massive batch of dirt on your front property.

0800 DUMPME leaves your property spotless, no dead grass, no dirt, no ugly skip bin hanging around, they park on your driveway and remove your rubbish all in one day.


No one can dump their rubbish with your rubbish.

Another problem you will have when hiring a skip bin, is the fact that people will dump their rubbish into your skip bin. You will end up with no room to put your rubbish and you will be paying for other people’s rubbish removal.

This will leave you frustrated and upset.

Why go through that stress when you could get 0800 DUMPME to remove your rubbish! You will only be paying for your own rubbish to be removed and strangers won’t have the opportunity to add to your pile of rubbish, as it will be picked up fast by our team.


0800 DUMP ME can remove your single items

With skip bins you are paying for a whole bin that you may not even fill up.

However, with 0800 DUMP ME we remove single items such as dishwashers, treadmills, BBQ, fridges, dryers, washing machines, you name it, we remove it.

This means you are only paying for the removal on the one item, not a whole skip bin of rubbish.

If you would like 0800 DUMP ME to come and lift and collect your pile of rubbish or single item, give us a call or email us.

We will reply to you as soon as possible and send you back an estimate quote!

If you have the time check out our most frequently asked questions!

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