Flax Bush Removal Service – Auckland

Flax has many uses apart from being a decorative plant, which can be used in floral arrangements. It’s also useful as shelter to other plants and as a screening plant. Our native birds, especially the Tui utilise it for nests, shelter and they especially enjoy the nectar from its flowers. It’s also used in making canvas, linen, weaving and often used in Maori cultural arts and crafts.

But it grows incredibly easily in our New Zealand environment, is so hardy it will compete with other plants, attracts insects like Wetas and can be extremely hard to remove.

We can completely remove all flax bush plants, dispose of the green waste and level the area. We leave the area level and ready for whatever you would like for the cleared area or can assist you with replanting this area.

We have trucks, diggers and experienced staff who know how to eradicate flax.

So, if you’d like a quote or have further queries, then give us a call at 0800DumpMe on 0800 386 763.

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