Food Scrap Bins to be in every Auckland household by the end of the year

Its official, Aucklanders are getting food scrap bins.

What does this mean?

Well, Auckland council is giving each household a new 23 litre bin for all their food scraps to go in which will then be collected each week.

Food items such as bread, egg shells, meat bones, fish bones, rice, pasta, coffee grounds, fruit skins, veggies and more can be thrown into your new food scrap bin. However, other rubbish items are not allowed.

See what you can and can’t throw in your food scrap bin here – Link

The system works by placing all your food scraps in the little kitchen caddy they provide, then once its full, you tie up the bag and place it into your 23-litre bin. Then you will need to place your scrap bin next to your council rubbish bin and they will come collect it for you. Leaving you with an empty bin to start again.

Why are they collecting our food scraps?

Auckland landfills are fill of about 100 thousand tonnes of old food scraps each year. These food scrap bins will hopefully decrease the food waste in landfills and instead go to providing energy and creating liquid fertilizer for the growth of more food for Auckland.

When do you receive your food scrap bin?

The bins are being introduced gradually to each Auckland area. Waitakere area is first to get the bins during March to April 2023 and North shore will be next, from April to June.

Then in order; Manukau, Auckland Central, Rodney and Franklin.

Click here to find your date.

If you have any questions about food scraps bin call 09 301 0101

Sources: Auckland Council, Stuff

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