Fridges and Freezers – common failure issues

The old types of fridges and freezers required defrosting, else they can’t maintain the correct temperature to store food and consume more power trying to do so. The ice builds-up within, making it extremely difficult to extract frozen food and can result in people chipping at it with sharp objects, which can not only be dangerous for the user but also for the appliance.

Frost free appliances have a heater that turns on for 20-30 minutes, two to three times per day. A struggling appliance can result in it prematurely burning out and raised power bills.

Door Gaskets can prematurely fail if not washed often with warm soapy water. Test your seals by closing the door on a piece of paper and checking for resistance, in several places, round the doors.

You can get new seals for your appliance.

Defrost models drain the water into a pan, where it evaporates. Clogged drains and uncleaned drain pans can cause foul odours.


Occasional clicking may be the appliance starting up or a sign of a defective compressor. If the appliance isn’t cooling or runs continuously, it may be the thermostat is on the wrong setting (usually set to 4 degrees), the door gasket is damaged, heavy frost accumulation, evaporator fan or condenser are damaged, defective defrost timer, refrigerant has leaked out.

So, best to regularly clean your appliances to lengthen their life and prevent odours.

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