Garden Shed Removal

Old garden sheds can be dangerous for your family and friends as they can break and fall at any time. Removing a shed isn’t the easiest job, as you need to dismantle it and then transport it to the tip, which requires tools, a truck or trailer.

Likewise, the time it takes to dismantle a shed can take hours and then transporting the debris can take even more time.

However, we can save you time and money by removing the shed for you, from dismantling it to lifting it onto the truck to disposing the shed, all in less than a few hours.

If you are in the Auckland region and you need a shed removal, let our experienced team do the work for you!

We can remove tin, steel, timber and aluminium sheds.

Fill out our quote form and add a photo of your shed, and we can get back to you with an estimate pick up quote.

Contact our friendly staff today!

We are a pick up service only, we do not accept drop offs. 

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