Gas Bottles

Due to the cold temperatures of Winter, people have hunted out their stored heating appliances, thus we’ve had an increase in enquiries from people wanting to dispose of expired gas bottles.

The answer is “Yes we can get rid of these for you”.

With summer coming along, people will again be looking to have Bar-b-ques.

So perhaps it time to remind everyone on some safety tips when dealing with Gas Bottles.

  1. Check you Fire Code for guidelines on the storage of flammable Gas Cylinders:
  2. Best stored in an external shed, away from residences, not a garage or house. Store in dry, well-ventilated storage area that isn’t exposed to heat or direct rays of the sun, away from doorways, aisles, elevators and staircases. Plus, store away from other flammable substances e.g. paint.
  3. DON’T Store in vehicles for long periods as the heat in a vehicle can increase rapidly when the sun is shining. Gas Bottles should be removed from a vehicle as soon as possible and always stored upright.
  4. Because gas generates condensation, you need to be aware condensation can turn to ice. Ice can expand and crack valves and pipes, so it’s not only heat you need to be aware of when dealing with gas bottles.
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