Healthy Homes – Rubbish Removal

If you own or maintain a rental property, you will know that in the last few years the Healthy Home Tenancy Initiative was started. The healthy home initiative had new laws put in place so that rental homes stay healthy and warm for the tenants.

Rental owners now have to install ceiling and under house installation, heat pumps, bathroom ventilation, kitchen ventilation, ground moisture barrier, proper drainage and draugh protection.

How can we help?

Most of the time, homes accumulate rubbish under the house or in the ceiling from current or previous tenants. This is where the installation and ground barrier will need to be placed, therefore the rubbish needs to be removed from the ceiling and under house section before a professional can install the under house and ceiling installation.

Of course, removing the rubbish is hard work and can take hours. On top of this, the ceiling or under house access may be difficult for you to get through.

That’s why we provide an under house and ceiling rubbish removal service! We can come and remove all the rubbish that is sitting in your ceiling or under your house for you.

Our guys will come, lift and load all the rubbish into our trucks and take it away, leaving your under house floor and ceiling spotless.

Once the rubbish is gone, you can call in the professions to get your installation installed. If you need help finding a great under house installation company, we can even recommend one for you.

To get a rubbish removal estimate quote go to our Quote page or call us on 0800 386 763.

To learn more about healthy homes go to Healthy Homes

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