Hot Tub Removal

Do you have a broken hot tub that you just need gone? Just moved into a house that has an old hot tub that you need removed?

Our team can come and lift and remove it for you!

Hot tubs can be difficult to remove because of their weight and size. To remove a hot tub, you need a massive truck to transport it to the tip which most people do not have. On top of this, the time it takes to remove it can be long and removing it yourself without help isn’t possible because of the size.

No need to stress though, our team can come and remove it for you. With their many years of experience moving large objects off properties and into their trucks, our guys will remove your hot tub without damaging anything.

When inquiring and booking:

Before booking, ensure that the hot tub is removed from any deck or structure before you getting our guys to remove and dispose of it for you.

To get an estimate quote, send a photo of your hot tub to our email address:

Then if you are happy with the estimate quote, we will book you in.

Our guys will come on the day, requote and then go head with the pick up right there and then if you accept the onsite quote.

Contact us now on

We are a pick up service only, we do not accept drop offs. 

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