How much rubbish goes into the Auckland landfill annually?


Since the new year is approaching, we thought it would be helpful to look back on 2019 regarding our landfill in Auckland.

Not many people realize how much rubbish they throw away a day, let alone a in a year and although Auckland’s goal is to be a zero-waste city by 2040, its looking harder than ever with the growth of total waste going into landfill per year per person increasing.

In 2019, each Aucklander sent 922 Kilograms of rubbish to the landfill, which was an increase from 2010, when around 650 kilograms were sent to the landfill per person per year.

The Auckland council hopes to decrease this number to 877 kilograms per person per year.

Auckland landfill receives 1.6 million tonnes of waste per year, this is an increase from the 1.1 million tonnes collected in 2010.

Landfills are not the easiest things to look after, in Auckland it cost around 5-8 million to take care of our landfills. This may be because Auckland is one of the highest wastes producing cities per capita compared to other New Zealand cities like Christchurch and Wellington. However, when it comes to domestic waste per capita, Auckland is less than most cities such as Tauranga and Wellington.

Hopefully, with the new Waste Management and Minimisation Plan and more people being informed about recycling and minimalism, 2020 will bring less rubbish per person per year and get closer to achieving the a zero-waste city.

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