How to book a spa removal

Removing a spa can be a stressful task and most people don’t know where to start when it comes to removing the spa and where to responsibly dispose of it.

Our team has removed spas for over 15 years from homes, commercial properties and leased homes.

We aim to make spa removal easy and accessible to all throughout the Auckland region.

Our Spa Removal Service:

Our team will arrive onsite, dismantle the spa pool, lift and load it onto our truck and take it away to be disposed of.

When emailing through to book our spa removal service please provide the following to speed up the quote process:

Please have these answers ready for our staff:

What area would pickup be in?

Does the spa pool need to be lifted over a gate or go through a gate?

Can a truck easily fit down your driveway?

Is the spa a standard size spa?

To speed up the estimation quote process, please send in photos of the spa and the access points to our email address This will help our team get a good idea of how the removal will take place.

Once the pictures are sent, our team will send you back an estimate quote. If you are happy with the estimate quote, let our team know and they will book you in.

For any other questions about spa removals, be sure to contact our friendly customer service team.

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