How to dispose of whiteware

Households all over Auckland have at least one whiteware appliance and at some point, the whiteware needs to be replaced or disposed of because it’s old or broken.

What is whiteware?

Whiteware is considered any large home electrical appliance, used to speed up household chores such as washing dishes, cooking food, washing and drying clothes and preserving food. Whiteware includes items such as ovens, stoves, washing machines, dryer, dishwasher, fridge, air conditions and freezer.

Why is it called whiteware?

Originally these appliances were only available in white, however, now these appliances come in black, grey, white and even a range of bright colours like red and orange.

How do I dispose of my old whiteware?

If your whiteware is broken, old and needs to be removed from your home and disposed of, we can do it for you! Our team have removed hundreds of washing machines, microwaves, fridges, you name it they have removed it!

If you are replacing your whiteware and need the old appliance removed and it’s still in good condition we can take it to a charity store for you. Just let us know during the phone call or on the email quote form and we can remove it and drop it off at a charity store for you.

Our team will come and lift your whiteware onto the truck and remove and dispose of it for you. To get a free quote call us on 0800dumpme or email us on

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