Incorrect recycling costs add up to $1 million each year

Wondering if you can place batteries or plastic bags in your recycling bin? Ever looked at an item and second guessed if it needs to go in your recycling bin or the rubbish bin? If this is the case, don’t worry, we have all been there and we want to educate you on what can and can’t go in your recycling bin. As it is no secret that incorrect recycling can cost up to $1 million each year.


The items you should not put into your recycling bin:

Plastic bags

Chip and cookie packets / Plastic Straws


Gas bottles

Single use paper cups

Face masks and gloves

All fabrics/ Towels/ Clothes/ Curtains

Stuffed toys



Electrical items (Hose and wires)

Medical waste


Paint cans

Mirror / light bulbs / window glass


Food waste

Garden waste

These items either clog the machine, cause fires in the pick up trucks or can not be recylced.


What CAN go into your recycling bin:

(Please rinse items before you place them in your recycling bin)

Pizza boxes (without food inside)

Hard plastic food trays


Liquid paper board cartons

Plastic takeaway containers

Plastic cookie trays

Broken glass bottles

Glass bottles / glass jars

Plastic bottles/cartons


Paper / newspaper / magazines / Glossy advertising material

Egg cartons


Where can I take my soft plastics?

Some stores around Auckland have special soft plastic recycling bins that anyone can place their soft plastics into.

If you can’t find a soft recycling station near your home then please place them into your rubbish bin.


Where can I recycle my gas bottle and batteries?

Gas bottles can be taken to your local transfer station or community recycling centre


Wondering how to get ride of the other items that can’t go into your recycle bin?

Go to Auckland Council website or go here – HOW TO GET RID OF UNWANTED ITEMS

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