Insulation Disposal

Have you been renovating and unsure how to get rid of certain waste items like insulation, pink bats and polystyrene? Having searched the Auckland Council website, people often ring us, as they find it confusing, end up in a never-ending search loop and can’t find the information they were looking for. We have asked the Auckland Council Service Desk to update their website to reflect which Transfer Stations accept insulation, bats and polystyrene, as the information on the website is unclear and has been confusing the public.

Are you a Property Manager or Landlord and suffering the aftermath of a previous tenant, have they left behind a huge amount of rubbish, cars, tyres and more?  Getting the property cleaned up in time for a new tenant can be a big headache.

0800DumpMe knows how to clear up properties and where to take these waste products, so why not get rid of your headache or confusion. We are happy to uplift and dispose of these for you, so give us a call on 0800 386 763.

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