Is New Zealand behind on household bin waste removal systems?

Every country has its own waste management system when it comes to picking up and disposing of our household collection rubbish bins. This all started in 1875, when the British Public Health Act made it mandatory for every household to place their waste in a bin on the curb for the council to collect. This was due to the fact that every private household was struggling to dispose of their rubbish on their own. This system hasn’t changed much over time. Most countries still use the basic garage truck council collection bin services; where the rubbish is tipped into a rubbish truck every week and taken to a tip to be sorted and disposed of correctly. However, with technology advances and the aim to decrease carbon emissions, is New Zealand really using the best system to remove our trash? Recently, in Wembley Park located in Borough of Brent, just outside London, a modern vacuum rubbish system was put into place underground, meaning that there is no need for any garbage trucks picking up collection bins for the residents there. How can this be, you ask? Well, Wembley Park installed an underground vacuum rubbish waste system that sucks the rubbish out of the special courtyard and waste room bins and through the underground tubes using air pressure. This means the residential, retail and hotel properties that hold this system no longer need to worry about wheelie collection bins and the horrible smell that goes with it, as well as less carbon admissions as a garbage truck no longer needs to collect the rubbish every week in this area. This system came into place in this area to ensure cleaner streets for the residents and to distinguish the awful odor collection bins send out. Although, this is not the first time this system has been used. Vacuum waste collection has been seen in over 30 other countries and even on Roosevelt Island in 1975 that still works today. So now, the question is, why haven’t we seen changes in our rubbish collection over the last few years in New Zealand’s newly built residential sections? Well, understandably, it is almost impossible to add this system in to the already developed areas of New Zealand, however, hopefully one day we will see this system in our newly developed residential areas. For more information about vacuum waste systems go here. For our previous blog go to here.
(Credit: Envac)
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