Large Garden Item Removal

Throughout the years, we accumulate many large items in our back yards either to decorate, to garden or to keep the kids entertained, however when it’s time to clear the garden, the removal of large items isn’t easy.

Even after dismantling the large items, the pieces may not be able to fit in your car to be taken away and dispose of.

However, the task can become easy with our large item removal service. Our team can come, lift and load all your large items into our truck and take them away for you.

Leaving you with a clear garden and no large or small rubbish in sight.

We can remove:

Outside Lounge Furniture

Basketball Hoops




Small Jungle Gyms

Broken up Tree Houses

Large Plant Pots




Garden Beds

And more!

Contact our friendly team to discuss your large item removal and disposal today!

Call us today or contact us here.

Please note that some large items may need to be dismantled before our truck arrives (ask our staff about your item when inquiring for an estimate quote.)

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