Large Item Removal

Can you remove my big outdoor furniture (Example: Swing set or jungle gym)

Our team can remove your massive item and old outdoor furniture with ease. Our truck will arrive, dismantle and remove the waste all in one go.

Do I need to dismantle it before you remove it?

Dismantling the item before we come will help speed up the removal process and mean that we can book you in for a sooner date.

If you don’t have time to dismantle it, we can dismantle it for you.

If the item is not able to be dismantled, we can place it straight into our big truck (example: spa pool removal).

Does access make a difference?

Yes, the easier the access the better.

Will it be reused? Or recycled?

If the item is in good condition with no broken pieces, we aim to take it to a charity store such as the salvation army or Red Cross charity stores.

If your item has a few broken pieces or is not in the best condition, our team will ensure the different materials are recycled in the proper way.

How do I speed up the quote process?

To speed up the quote process, send through a few photos of the item(s) you need removed to our email address

We will send you back an estimate quote in 24 hours.


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Contact us today to get an estimate quote for the removal of your big item.\"\" \"\" \"\" \"\"

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