Materials that can be recycled more than once

As we all know, there are some materials that can be recycled and some that can’t. Here at 0800 DumpMe, we encourage everyone to recycle when possible. That’s why we put together a list of materials that can be recycled once or more, so that when you are choosing what products to use, you can choose to use the most environmentally sustainable product that can be endlessly recycled without losing its quality. Which results in a cleaner environment and less products ending up in landfill.


Glass is one of the most recyclable materials out there. It can be recycled endlessly and its quality stays the same


Steel retains its quality when recycled and can be recycled endlessly.


If you have aluminium, don’t waste it, as aluminium can be recycled an infinite number of times and doesn’t lose its quality. So, after you are finished with your aluminium can drink, make sure it goes into the recycling bin.


Paper can only be recycled 4-7 times, due to the paper fibres that shorten each time during the recycling process. After the 6th -7th time, the paper fibres are too short to make into printing paper anymore, at this point, the paper is recycled into paper paste and used to make newspaper and egg cartons.


Plastic polymers range in size and type. Some polymers can’t be recycled, these fall under the thermosetting plastics, as once these plastics set, they can’t be melted down again. However, thermoplastic polymers can be recycled around 6-7 times. Although each time they are recycled, the quality gets worse and weaker until the plastic can no longer be recycled. Therefore, when you have an option between a glass product and a plastic product, always pick the glass, as it is more environmentally sustainable.


Any type of metals can be recycled an unlimited number of times. That means if you need to dispose of any type of metal, take it to a metal recycling centre first. This way you may even be able to get a few dollars from taking it there and we can all prevent the endless metal mining.

Recycling tip:

Rinse all the food recyclable containers and bottles before you place it into the recycling bin. This will speed up the recycling process and ensure the paper and cardboard that are placed along side of the food containers don’t get food scraps on them.

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