Missed Council Rubbish Collection – Auckland

Have you missed a rubbish or inorganic collection by Auckland Council?

We all get busy and forget to put the rubbish out for collection.

Rubbish and increasing Summer temperatures generates bad smells that attract flies and vermin that can be much harder to eradicate after the fact.

As plastic rubbish bins absorb these smells, you’ll likely end up using a mask, rubber gloves and strong chemicals to clean the bin, so you don’t continue to attract unwanted pests.

You may find that your missed rubbish/inorganic pile begins to attract more quantities of rubbish than what you put in it and end up with a huge mountain of rubbish to be removed.

This will become quite costly the longer this continues.

Here are just a few of the common items we remove:

Rubbish bags, general house junk, old furniture, white ware, electronics, wood, soil, concrete, tree branches, grass clippings and much more.

Call 800 Dump Me on 0800 386 763 if you have unwanted rubbish and require a quote.

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