Monthly Food Bank Donation – November 2020

This month we got the opportunity to donate three bags full of food goods to Vision West located in Glen Eden.

It was pouring down with rain on the day of delivery; however, I was greeted by Linda, who is part of the lovely staff there. I was shown where they keep the food and where anyone can drop off food donations.

We were incredibly grateful to be able to donate food goods to Vision West as their love and support for our community is endless and encouraging.

If you are wondering what vision West do, their mission is to end homelessness, reduce poverty, support our elderly and help young people have a sustainable future.

One way this is done is by their food parcels that are given to low income families and individuals that are in need. (This is where our food donations went).

On top of this, they offer emergency housing and low-rent long term housing to individuals that are struggling to find an affordable home, free education for youth and counselling for the anyone in the community.

What is great about this organization is that anyone can be helped or provide help by donating food, money or even helping by volunteering your time.

We love getting to work with other organizations that support our community.

How can you help?

0800 Dump Me (Williams Property Service) drops off good quality food such as noodles, flour, bread, cans and oats to a new organization each month.

If you have booked in a pick up or job with us and you would like to donate some food, you can do so by handing the food items to our team member when they have completed your job. Whatever the job, our drivers will accept and add the food donation to our office basket, then at the end of the month, we will donate your food to a new charity.

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