Moving Houses – Rubbish Removal Service

Moving is a stressful job and most of the time you are left with a huge pile of used packaging boxes, plastic wrap, old furniture and items you don’t want; but putting it in the council bin isn’t an option because it doesn’t fit. This is where we come in and remove, dispose, recycle and give to charity stores for you, leaving you in a clean, stress-free new home.

Removing and disposing of your packaging

If you have brought new furniture for your new home or packed boxes to prevent items breaking during the move, you will have many big cardboard boxes, plastic wrap and maybe even some polystyrene piled up in your home. However, getting rid of a lot of packaging can sometimes be tricky as it doesn’t fit in your bin or you just have to much of it.

Our team can come and lift, remove and dispose of your packaging for you at your new or old home. Just email us on our quote page to get an estimate quote, then if you like the quote, book in. Then, our guys will come on your selected date and requote you onsite if needed. After you accept your quote, your packaging will be removed right then and there.

Payment is easy and quick with our drivers carrying Eftpos machines, so you can pay onsite.

Helping you recycle

Cardboard boxes are the number one packaging item every mover uses. Therefore, if you have a huge amount of cardboard, we can lift, remove, take away and recycle it for you.

Helping you give to charity

Moving homes means replacing old furniture with new furniture or finding out that you have too much furniture and you need to get rid of some. Whatever the situation, our team can take your unwanted furniture that is in good condition away and drop it off at your selected charity store. We like to give to the SPCA or the Salvation Army.

If you would like your used furniture to go to charity, fill out the quote form and let our team know you would like the furniture to go to a charity store. Then our team will get back to you with a pick up estimate quote.

If you accept the quote, we will arrive on your selected day and lift, remove and drop off your furniture and items to charity.

Reducing your stress

Moving homes is a big job and can get stressful when you have moved all your wanted furniture and items in to the new house and find out that you have a whole bunch of packaging and old furniture you don’t need.

We reduce your stress by coming, lifting, removing and disposing it for you. Whether it’s old, broken furniture, items, packaging, whiteware, beds, couches, lazy boys, tall boys, bedside tables, desks, chairs, tables, sofa beds, filing cabinets, tv cabinets and bookcases; whatever it is, contact our team now and see if we take it.

Our team makes rubbish remove easy so you don’t have to move one more thing after or before your move.

Where do we pick up from?

If you have the old furniture, small items, packaging and rubbish in your new house, we can come and take it away from there. However, if you have left your rubbish at your old house and need it gone before a specific date, we can meet you onsite and remove it all for you, without you lifting a finger.

We service the Auckland area, click here to see if we come to your area.

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