Office Tidy Up and Rubbish Removal

Moving can be a big challenge and when it comes to moving all your office furniture out of one building and into another, the task can be a long and exhausting process.

Not only do you have to move the furniture into the new building but you also end up realizing you have a lot of rubbish and unwanted items that you need disposed of.

That’s where we come in!

Our rubbish removal service can remove all the rubbish and unwanted items from your old office and dispose of it for you.

On top of this, if you have any office items that are in good condition, we can remove them and donate them for you to a charity store or recycle them.

Then, on request, we can sweep up before we go, leaving the office tidy.

Reasons to get our team in to remove your rubbish and items:

  • Leaves your staff free to carry on with their work, meaning no one gets behind in their work.
  • No need to hire a truck to transport the rubbish and unwanted items to the tip, we can remove truckloads of rubbish or a little load for you.
  • Your work vans/cars stay clean, as no rubbish will be transported in them.
  • Results in a stress-free move

Recently, we completed an office tidy up and rubbish removal for a company based in the North Shore. On the second to last day before they have to be completely moved out, they booked our services. On the day, our guys came and removed all the rubbish and unwanted items for them. Leaving the office ready and rubbish free.

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Before and after photos below:

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