Old battery in trash causes fire

On the 4th of February, a Selwyn Waste truck which was carrying waste in the cargo section caught fire.

The driver quickly noticed, pulled over and quickly discharged the burning rubbish out of the truck. Fortunately, the driver and the truck came out unharmed.

The fire was said to have started by an old battery in the rubbish.

This is not the first time this has happened. In the last few months, three trucks have had a similar experience.

How can this be prevented?

Do not throw your old batteries into the council collection bin.

Any batteries you want to throw away can be safely disposed of by our team.

Why are batteries hazardous?

Batteries contain hazardous liquid that can easy catch of fire, as well as, harm the environment if they are placed in landfill and the liquid leaks out.

Can you safely dispose of our batteries?

Yes, we can come pick them up for you!

Our team ensures that your batteries are handled with care and recycled responsibly.

We can take AAA, AA and car batteries.

Ask our staff if you have a specific battery that you want disposed of today.

What happens to the batteries?

The batteries are recycled.

Most batteries contain lead and sulfuric acid which can be separated and recycled into new items.

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