Old Fence Waste Removal

If your old fence was recently removed and the waste is sitting in a pile, we can come and remove your old fence waste for you.

Old fence sections can be one of the hardest types of waste to remove as normally the fence gets demolished in big sections and the big sections cannot fit into a car or trailer.

Which means you will have to take time out of your busy schedules to cut the sections up to fit into a trailer or make it easy by calling us to come with our big truck and take the sections all in one go. Making the job quick and hassle free.

Our truck is big enough for our team to load your big section of fence waste into it and we will take it away for you, taking care of all the lifting and disposal hassle.

A demolished fence needs to be removed as soon as possible as, as the pile will kill any grass or plants that are underneath it.

Get your old fence waste removed today!


How much waste can you take at one time?

Our biggest truck can take around 12 cubes in one go!

That means the waste we can take has no limit.

Most fence waste ranges from 2 to 12 cubes.

Can you take other rubbish at the same time?

Yes! Just let our team know and we can take it for you! Whether its household waste, builders waste, green waste or whiteware, we can take it.

What type of old fence waste can you take?

We can take old timber fences, metal fences, corrugated iron and more!

The only fence we can’t pick up is an asbestos one- As you need to be licensed to remove asbestos.

Just got a new fence installed? Let us pick up the old demolished fence for you

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