Old Pet Furniture Removal

Just like us, sometimes our furry friends need a new pet house, crate or bed. Once you have brought the new one, you may be wondering how to get ride of the old item as most of the items are too big to fit into your council bin. That’s where we come in!

We can remove any old pet houses, toys or furniture for you! We are a rubbish removal company that services the Auckland Area and can lift and load all your waste into our truck and take it away for you.

What type of old pet furniture / items can you remove?

Our removals include:

Rabbit hutch removal

Large dog house removal

Kennels, crates and any carriers

Puppy fence removal / Old play pens

Cat house removal

Old pet bed removal

Cat tree removal

And more!

Can you remove old pet items with other general household items?


In fact, we can remove old pet items with any other rubbish or large junk items you have. Just send in a picture of the waste pile to our email address and we can send you back an estimate quote for pick up.

What size pet house can you remove?

We can remove any size pet house, from small plastic ones to big timber ones. We can even dismantle the bigger ones before we remove it.

Why do I need to replace my dog or cat bed?

Your pet’s bed is used every day and can need replacing sooner than you think.

We suggest replacing your dogs bed every year. This can be due to the bed cushioning becoming flat and uncomfortable, a lingering smell on the bed, bug infection or even the pet out growing the bed and needing a bigger one. Likewise, your pet will need a new bed if they have chewed or have destroyed the bed in anyway. 

Can you donate my pet’s old furniture?

Unfortunately, we do not donate any pet furniture that we remove due to sanitary reasons.

For more information about old pet furniture removal, call our friendly staff today or go to our Quote me page.

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