Our top five most removed items.

Over the years we have removed unique and odd items but for the most part we have 5 items that we remove the most for our clients.  Here is our top five most removed items.


You guessed it! Mattresses are number one on our list as they are the most common item we remove. Why’s that? Every house hold has multiple mattresses and over the years they get old and need to be replaced. Most mattresses aren’t in the best condition at this point, so our clients need a fast mattress removal. However mattresses are too big to transport in some cars and even vans so our company makes it easy for them by coming and lifting and loading the mattresses into our truck and takes them away.

We also collect the most mattresses from people the need mattress removal when they are moving overseas or moving houses.  This includes super king, king, queens. Singles and every mattress size in-between.


Having an old trampoline with a ripped up mat and rusted legs in your garden can create an eye sore for you and your guests. So, when Aucklanders want to dismantle and remove their trampolines, they come to us! We save them time and stress by dismantling the trampoline and removing the large pieces for them. No mess left.

We have removed over 490 trampolines and counting. Removing a mix of spring and spring free trampolines of all sizes.

Household waste

Bags of general waste and cardboard packaging is super common when it comes to waste removal. We have been picking up general waste since we started this business in 2012. From bags of garden waste to bags of old electronics, we have seen it all.

This is one of the most common wastes as many households accidentally pile up waste or have a couple of bags of waste needing to be removed after a receiving packages, stripping wallpaper or having a party at their house.


Another big item that needs removing fairly frequently are couches, recliners and ottomans. These removals range from super old couches to couches in good condition. The couches that are in good condition get donated to charity stores and the old couches get responsibly disposed of.

Many families that are moving or decluttering call on us to remove their couch as it is a fast and easy solution in between their packing/moving schedule.

Spa removal

Spas are definitely one of the hardest items to remove as they are big and heavy. Over the last few years, we have seen an increase of spa removal requests and removed more spas this year than ever before. This may be due to the fact that spas are costly to run and cost a lot to fix. We also see new home owners getting stuck with removing a spa that the old home owners left behind.

If you need any of the items above removed, let us know!

We remove all types of waste and large items all over the Auckland region.

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