Oven Removal

Old Oven Removal

Got an old oven sitting on your property? Need it removed?

We can remove your old oven for you.

Transporting and removing an oven can be a hard and dirty task. Old grease can get inside your car which means washing the inside of your vehicle after taking the time to transport the oven to the dump. Also, if you don’t have transport, then how do you dispose of the oven?

No need to worry, we can remove your oven for you.

Our oven removal service includes:

  • Travel to your property in our removal truck
  • Our team lifts and loads your oven into our truck
  • We take away your oven ensuring that it is recycled and disposed of properly

Reasons you may have an old oven:

  • An old oven was left on your property when you brought it
  • Your oven broke after many years of use and it was replaced.
  • You have just renovated your kitchen
  • The spare oven broke
  • You are a builder and your job includes disposing of all old items before the remodel is completed.
  • Your business, church or organization has an old broken oven that is taking up space and needs to be removed.

For an affordable price get your space back again by getting our team to remove your oven today!

Our team can also remove other rubbish at the same time. Go to our contact form to tell us what you need removed today!

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