Pay As You Throw bin system may be thrown out!

This year Auckland Council is looking into changing the pay as you throw council bin collection system.
Areas like West Auckland, Papakura and the North Shore all moved to the Pay as you throw system in 2017-2018 and have been using it ever since.
The pay as you throw system meant that residents do not pay for their household rubbish removal in their rates, instead they buy tags from select stores and place it on their bins the day of the council rubbish bin collection.
The pay as you throw system was going to start in the three areas above and then the whole region was going to switch to the system over time. However, this system actually ended up costing more than the rate paid rubbish removal. Therefore the council is proposing to move every area back to the rate-paid rubbish removal system.
The pay as you throw system is estimated to cost homes $39 more per year then the rate paid system.
(Bin tags for a whole year add up to $353, where as the rate-paid system will only cost residents $314 a year for their rubbish removal)
If this proposal goes through, it will be a good thing, as it is reported that in certain areas the bin tags get stolen before the truck collection arrives and residents are left with their weekly rubbish not removed and having the extra task of  buying a another new tag.
The proposal discussion began on February 28th 2022.
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