Pool Table Removal

Wondering how to remove and dispose of your pool table?

We can remove it for you!

Old pool tables are heavy and hard to transport. They also need careful lifting and removing to ensure nothing gets scratched on the way out.

Our team can carefully lift and load your pool table and securely place it in our truck for removal.

Save time by getting our team to remove your pool table and rubbish and get that space back.

If you are in the Auckland area, we can remove your pool table for you!

Our service is simple and making a booking is easy.


Step 1:

Email us a photo of your pool table and rubbish and we will send you back an estimate quote.

Step 2:

If you are happy with the estimate quote, we will book you in for the removal.

Step 3:

Our team gets there on the day and removes your pool table and rubbish for you.


Can you remove my other rubbish while you are here?

Yes! We aim to make rubbish removal easy, which means we pick up any type of rubbish with your pool table removal. This includes green waste, white ware, furniture, general rubbish, wood, spas, safes and more!


How do I pay for the removal?

Payment is processed with the driver through Eftpos, credit card or cash.

Get an estimate quote

Send us a photo of your pool table and/or other rubbish to info@0800dumpme.co.nz to get an estimate quote today!

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