Privet Removal Service – Auckland

Privet is listed as a national Pest Plant. It’s an evergreen plant (approx. 10 meters high by approx. 14 meters wide) that’s hardy and fast growing.

It’s easily dispersed by birds and seeds can grow through weed mats.

You will likely see its strongly scented white flowers from November to March and has blue-purple berries at other times of the year.

It has dark green, glossy oval leaves, pointed tips, smooth edges.

It grows along boundaries, hedgerows, wasteland, along roadsides, in forests and plantations. It will completely dominate the environment if left unhindered. It’s well known for causing allergies.

We can completely remove all Privet trees, plants and seedlings, pull/dig out seedlings, spray infested areas in Spring and Autumn to prevent regrowth and dispose of the green waste. We leave the area clear and level, ready for whatever you would like in the area or can assist you with replanting this area.

We have experienced staff who know how to eradicate privet.

So, if you’d like a quote or have further queries, then give us a call at 0800DumpMe on 0800 386 763.

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