New Homeowner Projects

You have just bought a new home and are in celebration mode as you move in. Of course, all your time is focused on the paperwork, moving all your furniture in and getting ready to throw a housewarming party when everything looks perfect. However, there are a few important projects you need to do before you rush into settling in.

Change locks

This one may seem like a hassle in the moment but it\’s better to take time out of your day to change all the door locks now than to come home to an empty, robbed house. The previous owners may have given a range of people keys to their house and you never know who has keys to your new house. Mitre 10 has a guide and video to show you exactly how to change the locks on your door. Click here

Check gutters

Making sure your gutters are in good condition is very important as they move water away from your home. Built up water can cause mould on your home, create cracks and leaks in your ceiling and cause many other problems if they aren’t caught early. When you buy your new home check all the gutters for cracks, leaks and dirt build up inside. If the gutters are cracked or leaking you may have to replace that section of the gutter. If the gutters have build-up and are clogged, it is an easy fix. With gloves, you can remove all the clogged mess, or use a small shovel to scoop the mess out.

Check under the house

New homeowners may not realize that under their new house may lie trash. The old house owners may not have cleaned it out and you may have forgotten to check it before you brought the house. This is the time to see if there is rubbish stored under your house so that rats and mice don’t make their home under your house in the garbage. If you do find rubbish, remove the rubbish as soon as possible. If there is a huge amount of trash and it cannot fit in your home garbage bin, give us a call on 0800 DUMPME and we will remove the rubbish for you. Click here to contact us.

Clean and renovate garden

This job isn’t the most important on the list, however, it is one that needs to be down eventually. Gardens are unique and need to be cared for or they become overgrown and hard to deal with. If the garden is already in good shape you should be fine to leave it for a while. Nevertheless, you never know what weeds might start popping up overtime. If your garden has any unwanted weeds or tree stumps that haven’t been dealt with or left-over green waste that needs to be picked up, you can find our great Auckland gardening service here.

Waterblast outside walls and decks

This task is needed if the house walls or deck starts to show build up and mould. Dirty and mouldy walls can cause health issues for people and needs to be fixed as soon as possible. If you want to know the health issues mould causes and how to fix outside mould, click here.

Change water heater temperature

Check that your water heater cylinder is set to a temperature between 55-60 degrees Celsius so that bad bacteria is killed. Any higher than that can burn your family, any lower than 55 can cause bacteria to breed and result in your family catching Legionella. The ideal temperature is 60 degrees Celsius.

Enjoy your new home

There are sure to be a few more projects and things you need to check when you move into your new home. Although, after all these things are completed you can finally relax and enjoy the comfort of your new home. You can sit back and relax, knowing that you have done all you can to secure your home.

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